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I’m back

I’ve been missing in action lately. Australia is having a hot, hot summer and l’m not coping well.

All l’ve been doing is working and sitting in front of the fan. There are things l’ve been wanting to post, to talk about, but haven’t had the energy. Well, no more sitting around. I’ll back tomorrow and the chatting will begin again.

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Welcome to the new year.

The holiday break was good, and bad. Good catching up with family and friends, bad, hurting my back. Have been reading, watching the cricket and planning all the shows l will see this year. First one is tomorrow and l have some books to review as well. I’m going to an exhibition later in the month and have a few films l’ld like to see too.

It’s a busy start to the year and l can’t wait.

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Happy holidays

The year is winding down. All the shows have finished and l won’t be seeing another one until early next year. It’s Summer in Australia; a time to relax, read and watch the cricket.

I have a several books to read and will be resting up, gearing up for a big 2019.

So, until then, happy holidays to you and your families. See you all in 2019.

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Bohemian Rhapsody

I love the movies

It was a stormy humid Tuesday afternoon and, as thunder rolled overhead, l sat eating a salty packet of popcorn and watched the story of Queen. Despite what some critics have said l liked the film.

The 70’s and 80’s are recreated in all their hairy glory. The performances are good overall with Rami Malek shining as Freddie. I remember hearing Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time; my older brother played it over and over. All the music in this film is so good. They were a great band and it was good to see their story.

If you love Queen this is the film for you.