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I’m a patron

I’m sitting here looking at my noticeboard. There are tickets pinned up for the coming 3 months. Six shows, yes, six shows and what a variety. Musical theatre, theatre, ballet, opera and comedy.

Being a patron means supporting something. In my case it’s the arts, especially suburban arts. I still love reading, but, there’s so much more than books and that’s what l’m going to be talking about.

Welcome to my arts world.

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FYI bookworms

The annual bookfair is on at Clunes next month. The weekend of 4/5th of May will be awash with authors, panel discussions and books, books and more books. All in the company of other bookworms.

What’s not to love. Train and bus it there or drive. Clunes is just past Ballarat. I can personally say it was a great day.

So, if you’re free that weekend why not meander up and see for yourself.

Clunes Bookfair 2019.

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One Sunday

Trying to sleep on a hot Summer’s night. The futility of tossing and turning, lying still, trying to relax when the very air around you is stifling.

Joy Dettman’s first chapter is all about local policeman ‘Tommo’ trying desperately to sleep and she has managed to capture that feeling of desperation so well.

The action for this novel all happens on one day, One Sunday. A body is found and it’s up to Tommo to find the culprit. The novel is set in a small town in country Australia several years after the First World War. There is no modern policing; no forensics , no cars (Tommo rides a bicycle) and the carnage of the War. This town, like so many small Australian towns ( including the one l grew up in) has lost sons in the prime of their lives or had broken and damaged men coming back.

Dettman describes the country well. Her characters are believable, the quality of writing good and a story that kept me guessing until the end. That’s what you want in a good mystery.

A good one to read if you’re interested in Australian history.

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What’s not to love

You may notice the change in title for this blog. That’s because l’ve done a lot of thinking about what my bliss is.

Joseph Campbell said “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

My bliss is sitting and reading a book waiting for a musical to start. I love to read and love to watch musicals and it is these two things that l will write about.

One book, one song at a time.