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The Typist

I have watched another fantastic series, this time from Germany.

Iris Becker is superb as the secluded Freya. She works for the Berlin Police Department as a typist; sitting in on interviews. A girl goes missing which brings up memories of the tragic disappearance of Freya’s own daughter.

The production is top class as is the acting from the whole cast.

Well worth watching.

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Das Boot

I don’t watch a lot of television and l’m not one to sit and watch it for hours( unless it’s a slow moving train!!) The type of tv l watch is through the free digital sites that we have in Australia. They are ABC iview and SBS On Demand.

One of the bonuses of On Demand and iview is that l can watch them on my laptop when l want to. I’m currently watching a German drama called The Typist. On Demand has a lot of international shows and my favourite is normally Nordic Noir.

A few weeks ago my sister recommended Das Boot. Now, l have to tell you that a show about a German submarine in World War 2 did not, l repeat, did not sound interesting. Being a good little sister l thought l’ld watch the first episode and that was it; by the end l was hooked.

What a show. It was superb. The acting was brilliant, the storyline great, in fact, there is nothing l can fault. To me, it is more a story of the human condition, not a straight out war show. One of the best l’ve seen for months.

It’s still up on the On Demand site. I highly recommend you see it.