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Seagulls on the Ganges

Seagulls on the Ganges is the fictionalized story of Julie and Bruce Stafford.

Ellie and Michael (Julie and Bruce) are living a very happy life together. Ellie is a well known cookery writer and Michael is a survivor of cancer. In fact, Ellie starts her health food journey by trying to help cure Michael of cancer. This becomes the Taste of Life series and they are both blissful happy until a second, unrelated cancer comes into their lives. This time there is no cure and Michael passes away in 2006.

Then into Ellie’s life comes a seagull.

This is a book written very much from the heart. The author has been so honest with her emotions as she deals with overwhelming grief. Meaningful coincidences, solo travel and bravery all lead Ellie (Julie) to a place where she can mend her broken spirit. It is, quite simply, a beautifully written book about love and life; and how does the Ganges tie into the story, you’ll have to read the book.

These days Julie Stafford is known for being a fearless solo traveller who spends every Summer in Dubrovnik. She has known a lot of love and loss in her life and l thank her for sharing her story with us.

** If you would like to read more about Julie Stafford she can be reached at

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Van Cat Meow

This is the story of a lost man and the rescue cat who saved him.

In 2014 Richard East thought he had everything that mattered. He had a well paid job in IT and a house in the suburbs of Hobart. He was also desperately unhappy and going through a crises.

Into his life came a rescue cat called Willow. Richard was struggling with a stressful job and had locked himself into a mortgage for many years into his future. He hit rock bottom before getting treatment and working out who he was and what he wanted to be. He sold everything, re-kitted a van, grabbed the cat and set off to see Australia. Somewhere along the way his soul healed and, to this day, he and Willow are still nomads travelling the country.

I love reading about people who are travelling. This is a well written book and keeps the reader interested in where they have gone and how he supports himself and Willow. Richard also writes about simple living, what’s important in life and the lessons he has learned from his cat.

A book l would recommend to any armchair traveller. You can follow Rich and Willow on their own blog and also on Instagram.

**Normally when l buy a book l leave in public somewhere to, hopefully, continue its journey. This time, however, l will be donating it to the RSPCA as they care for rescue animals like Willow.

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Sue Grafton

Many of you will be familiar with the Sue Grafton alphabet mysteries. I’ve read several over the years, and a few weeks ago saw Y for Yellow at my local library. I borrowed it, read it and enjoyed it.

Thinking that it must be time for Z to appear l googled Sue Grafton to see when it would be published. That’s when l found out that she had passed away at the end of 2017. It left me feeling sad. I liked her as a writer and l liked her female detective Kinsey Millhone.

So, to honour Sue Grafton l am going to go back and read all the books from A to Y.

I’ve just finished A and have read a few pages of B. This is my way of paying respect to a writer l enjoyed reading.

Vale Sue Grafton; you are missed.

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My new reading buddy

This heat is driving me troppo. The baking sun has now been replaced by awful humidity which makes it hard to sleep at night.

I do most of my reading late at night, after everyone has gone to their rooms and the place is quiet. I can then get lost in the story and generally lose all sense of time.

Last week a new reading buddy came into my life; Emily the rescue cat. She’s not mine, but, has now decided that every time l sit to read she must be beside me.

This was her the second day she arrived. Notice the stiches from her little op that came out early this week.

I personally don’t think that looks comfortable, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Finally she goes to sleep and l am left to read of murder and mayhem.

So think of us both later tonight; her sleeping and me reading well into the early hours.

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I love reading. Books, newspapers, magazines, online blogs etc; love them all. I try to broaden my reading, but, especially love mystery, crime and true crime. 

I found this book in an op shop last week and thought it looked interesting. I had never heard of the crime and was looking forward to reading all about it. Now, this is what l want to know today, do you read books to the end whether you like them or not? Do you give it a few chapters and then give up?

I gave up after 8 chapters. The story itself was interesting, but, the style of writing and set up of the novel turned me right off. The author was a motoring journalist and l think this may have been the first novel he wrote and, in my opinion, it shows. Back to the op shop for this one.

Unless l’m writing a professional review l will give a book 4/5 chapters. By then, if it hasn’t hooked me l don’t bother reading the rest. Life is too short to read books that l don’t like.

What about you, do you stick with it to the bitter end or put it aside and start something new?

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