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Shrek – The Musical

I love walking into a theatre and having that wall of sound hit me. There’s a special murmur before every theatre show, a mix of happiness and anticipation.

Here l am waiting for the show to start.

The stage was awash with the greens of a forest. Kudos to the staging, and lighting, crew; another great stage. Everything PLOS do is to a high standard.

PLOS (Peninsula Light Operatic Society) are a stalwart at Frankston Arts Centre and l never miss one of their shows. The production was superb with excellent singing and dancing. Special mention goes to Will Sayers who starred in the title role. A cameo by Ruby Molnar, as young Fiona, was a showcase for someone to watch in the future and Aidan Niarros almost stole the show with his portrayal of the Machiavellian Farquaad.

Praise also to the orchestra. Live music always adds something special to a show and these musicians were superb too. All in all a great production from a company that keeps producing the goods.

So, what about the musical itself. This was my first viewing and it will be my last. I’ve had offers before to see it and l knocked them back because it didn’t sound interesting. Walking out yesterday all l could think of was a great production of a show l didn’t really like. It’s a bit hit and miss for me and l will leave it for those who enjoy it and there were many fans there yesterday. I’m in the minority and that’s okay

It would be boring if we all liked the same thing.

Shrek the musical – Frankston Arts Centre Dec 31-Jan 09.

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What a treat. Over the weekend l was lucky enough to see an excellent production of Evita.

Tina Arena was superb in the title role as was Kurt Kansley as Che. Paulo Szot was in fine voice along with the rest of the cast. The orchestra, under the baton of Guy Simpson, performed the well known score with aplomb. The staging was good and, all in all, it was a great performance.

We were sitting in the boondocks,

still had a good view of the stage. I even managed to sneak a peak at someone’s program.

Apparently scalpers are buying up tickets and then selling them on at a much higher price. I don’t like scalpers and urge all of you to buy tickets through reputable sources.

Thanks to my dear friend Suzanne for suggesting the show; we both loved it. I don’t see many big name shows, choosing with care and never regretting my choice.

Evita is currently running at The Arts Centre, Melbourne for the next few months.

Do l recommend you see it, yes l do.

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It’s coming up to the end of the year and this is the time when new programs come out for the coming year.

I have a special place in my heart for musical theatre. Just love, love, love it. I see a few big expensive shows during the year, but, most of the time l see shows at suburban arts centres put on by community theatre groups. Over the years l’ve seen some fantastic shows every bit as good as the high priced blockbusters.

I’ve received my 2019 membership forms and will once again take out membership with several suburban centres and this is what l want to talk to you about this morning. Memberships for arts centres pay for themselves, especially if that membership is with a suburban centre. So many perks come with the membership, including cheaper tickets, at a very reasonable price; $40 for a yearly membership with the Frankston Arts Centre, $30 at The Drum Theatre in Dandenong( along with a gift voucher that l could use with my first purchase). To me this is a win-win situation. Local memberships give us, the theatre goers, affordable tickets knowing that all the money we pay goes to supporting the local arts in the suburbs, which is where l want to see it.

So, my message to you today is look at your own suburban arts centres, and, if you haven’t seen a community theatre show, get out there and support local arts. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.