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Missing in action

I’ve been missing in action from this site for quite a few weeks.

The past 7 weeks have been go, go, go with work and training and l’ve been tired. Not much good for the arts loving life, but hey, l have to pay for all those tickets somehow. That’s not to say that l haven’t been reading and l’ve also been catching up on some great tv series from Russia and Germany.

More on all that in the coming weeks, and, my first show is next week, plus l’m seeing a film this weekend and l have discovered a brilliant new ( to me) author. I’ll be telling you all about Jane Harper next week.

It’s cold, miserable and dark by 5.30pm and my 3 month feast of the arts is about to begin.

Bring it on.

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I’m tired

No book review today.

I’m working away from home with train outages and a long commute of 5/6 hours each day. It means plenty of time to read, but, by the time l get home l’m so tired. In fact, l’m falling asleep while typing this.

It’s the weekend and l’m going to recharge the batteries and catch up with my posting. There are 3 to be written, the first one coming on Monday. So, although it’s only 7.30 l’m off to bed. Enjoy your weekend.

Happy reading:)