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Jane Harper

What a writer.

The Lost Man is the third novel by Jane Harper and l have now read all three. Starting with The Dry and then moving on to Force of Nature, l have been blown away by the great storylines, quality of writing and brilliant use of the Australian landscape. The landscape is integral to each story and Jane Harper uses it with the same skill as Tim Winton (another Australian writer whom l admire).

The Dry introduces the reader to Aaron Falk, a Federal Police Officer who returns to his hometown to investigate a multiple murder. This was the standout first novel by Jane Harper and it’s a great read.

Force of Nature is another crime that involves Aaron Falk. It is completely different from the first story, but, again, a real page turner. A group of women are missing in a National Park and Falk is sent to help find them.

The Lost Man is a stand alone novel that involves the death of a man from dehydration in Central Queensland. He is the middle of three brothers and the circumstances of his death are mysterious. Another great read.

I will keep reading Jane Harper books. She is a very talented writer who comes up with original ideas and turns them into well written books. The storylines flow with ease, her use of language and sentence structure sound and the story keeps the reader engaged until the very end.

I highly recommend all three novels. Start as l did, with The Dry and then Force of Nature before reading The Lost Man.

I hope you enjoy them as much as l did:)

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A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena

Another audio book. The trains are running as normal again and l’m enjoying listening to my books while on the move.

Tom comes home from work to find his wife missing. She has been in a car accident that has left her with amnesia. Added to the mystery is a murder that happened very near to the accident scene.

This is the basis of what could have been a brilliant mystery. Overall the story is good, but, the best part of it is the ending; never saw that coming. I was a little disappointed with some the characters. They seemed to be cut out walking, talking suspects. I think they could have been fleshed out more and the writing could have been crisper.

It’s not the best mystery l’ve read nor is it the worst. I would say it’s a middle of the road that is still worth a read. It hasn’t put me off trying another of her novels. I’ve heard good things about this author and everyone can have an off day.

So, maybe a 3 out 5.