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Beauty and the Beast Ballet

I’ve been neglecting this website lately. No excuse, just that it’s winter and l’ve been nesting with books at home.

A few weeks ago l did venture out to see The Victorian Ballet’s performance of The Beauty & the Beast. Have l told you how much l love ballet; l adore it. In Australia we have the National Ballet, which is called The Australian Ballet and then each state has their own ballet company, ours being Victorian State Ballet. We’re very lucky to have so much ballet.

When l have the money (and when they are touring) l see Russian Ballet. To me those dancers are the pinnacle of perfection. Victorian State Ballet are not to the same standard, but, their dancing is still very good. The dancing in this production was good overall, the choreography good and the costumes were beautiful. I think part of the problem was choosing Beauty & the Beast to perform. It doesn’t do much for me as a ballet and don’t think l will see another production of it.

I will definitely see more shows by Victorian State Ballet as l believe in supporting local artists and they are worth seeing and,l saved the best until last.

Straight after the performance ended the dancers came out in full costume to let the crowd take photos and speak to them. Several ballerinas stood right next to me and l told how graceful and beautiful they danced. Lucky, lucky me.

Don’t they looked gorgeous and l love the way they’re standing; typical dancer poses.