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I’m addicted

to audio books. So much so, l don’t want to sit with a book in my hands anymore.

This does upset me a bit as l have always loved reading and loved sitting in my favourite chair with a gin & soda and opening the cover of a new adventure. Am l missing something by listening rather than reading a book? Is anyone else like me??

I’m currently listening to all the J.D. Robb books. Honestly l could start a J.D. Robb appreciation society l love the books so much. Just this morning l downloaded my favourite book of all time, Asta’s Book by Barbara Vine.

Audible does cost money, but, you receive a free credit each month and l also use Borrow Box which is the free service from my local library. The only problem with Borrow Box is l have to wait longer for the books. There are currently close to 3000 books and only 5 or 6 are available. I have my name down for a book that becomes available on August 5 . Not long to wait and l have 2 other audio books to listen to.

I still sit with a gin & soda in my favourite chair but now have my phone near me, relax and listen. Will l ever go back to physically reading a book again, who knows.

Are you addicted to audio books too???