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I’m back

I’ve been missing in action lately. Australia is having a hot, hot summer and l’m not coping well.

All l’ve been doing is working and sitting in front of the fan. There are things l’ve been wanting to post, to talk about, but haven’t had the energy. Well, no more sitting around. I’ll back tomorrow and the chatting will begin again.

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Mary Queen of Scots

Not one Queen, but two this week.

Unlike The Favourite, l knew something about these two Queens; Elizabeth 1 and Mary Queen of Scots. I think most of us will have seen images of Elizabeth 1, maybe not so many of Mary.

First off, can l say what wonderful performances by the two main characters. Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie are brilliant and it’s good to see films showing strong female characters. The whole cast were brilliant with a standout being an unrecognizable David Tennant as John Knox.

The film is based on John Guy’s novel Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart. Is the film 100% historically accurate, l doubt it. Most of these films are more of an interpretation. It was shot in Scotland and England and the Scottish scenery, in particular, was stunning. The costuming and make up were wonderful and that white face of Margot Robbie near the end is truly scary.

So, overall a great film that’s well worth watching. There are a few niggles for me, but, they are only minor. It did veer into melodrama a few times and l think they took liberty with history, but, these are only nitpciking by me.

If you see this film for no other reason, see it for a wonderful acting display by the cast as a whole.

4 out of 5 star.

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My new reading buddy

This heat is driving me troppo. The baking sun has now been replaced by awful humidity which makes it hard to sleep at night.

I do most of my reading late at night, after everyone has gone to their rooms and the place is quiet. I can then get lost in the story and generally lose all sense of time.

Last week a new reading buddy came into my life; Emily the rescue cat. She’s not mine, but, has now decided that every time l sit to read she must be beside me.

This was her the second day she arrived. Notice the stiches from her little op that came out early this week.

I personally don’t think that looks comfortable, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Finally she goes to sleep and l am left to read of murder and mayhem.

So think of us both later tonight; her sleeping and me reading well into the early hours.

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Black Water

We’re in the middle of a heat wave and my small studio is baking. It’s energy sapping heat and all l can do is sit in front of the fan and read.

And fall in love with a writer. I love Joyce Carol Oates writing style. As you can see this book was bought at an Op Shop for just a few dollars, and, when l bought it. l had no idea who Joyce Carol Oates was. I read the blub on the back, thought it sounded familiar(and interesting), so l got it.

What a find; what a writer. Her use of language is superb and it only took a few pages for me to realise just how talented a writer Oates is. For a book that spans only 154 pages, it covers a lot. Of course, what l realised was that this book is based on the infamous Chappauiddick incident that involved Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne. Oates has reimagined the evening that led to Mary Jo’s death, and the end of Ted Kennedy’s Presidential race. It was 10 hours before the accident was reported to the police, and you can draw your own conclusions for that delay.

Oates’ protagonists are a Senator and young female aide. She also covers a certain time in American History with a beautifully crafted piece of work. It really is one of the best books l have read in a long while.

I will definitely seek out more of her work and give this novel 5 out 5 stars. Absolutely outstanding.

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The Favourite

Who would want to be a royal?? Not me.

This is an interesting film. The three female leads are excellent. Olivia Coleman is superb as Queen Ann. She delivers a performance full of pathos. Ann comes across as a sad, pathetically lonely woman. Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone play their roles so well too.

I know that all the characters are based on real people, but, don’t know if the film is 100% historically correct. Either way it tells a good story, and, for all their wealth these people were like prisoners, even if it was in a gilded cage.

Women at this time had very few rights and l thought that the two women vying for the Queen’s affection knew this. Neither of them could survive on their own as was shown by Abigail’s need for a good marriage to cement her place in court.

My friend was in two minds about the film, but, l liked it. There were a few laughs, excellent acting and l walked out thankful that l don’t have a royal life.

A film definitely worth a look.

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Das Boot

I don’t watch a lot of television and l’m not one to sit and watch it for hours( unless it’s a slow moving train!!) The type of tv l watch is through the free digital sites that we have in Australia. They are ABC iview and SBS On Demand.

One of the bonuses of On Demand and iview is that l can watch them on my laptop when l want to. I’m currently watching a German drama called The Typist. On Demand has a lot of international shows and my favourite is normally Nordic Noir.

A few weeks ago my sister recommended Das Boot. Now, l have to tell you that a show about a German submarine in World War 2 did not, l repeat, did not sound interesting. Being a good little sister l thought l’ld watch the first episode and that was it; by the end l was hooked.

What a show. It was superb. The acting was brilliant, the storyline great, in fact, there is nothing l can fault. To me, it is more a story of the human condition, not a straight out war show. One of the best l’ve seen for months.

It’s still up on the On Demand site. I highly recommend you see it.

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Between the Lies

Between the Lies opens with a woman waking in hospital and being told her name is Chloe. She has no memory of her life, of what has come before or her place In it.

Adams clever use of descriptive writing takes the reader into the swirling mist of Chloe tries to remember the accident that caused her injury and killed her son.Her growing realisation that she was standing over her son outside the car starts the mystery of what actually happened.
Adams has crafted a clever, well written mystery that keeps the reader guessing right up until the end. The characters are well rounded and the plotting keeps the novel moving forward without feeling forced, as Chloe begins to regain her memory. As Chloe regains her strength there is an undercurrent of evil as she realises that something is being kept from her.

Michelle Adams has written a clever mystery that keeps the reader engaged and guessing until the end. Keep your eyes open for this novel coming out in early March 2019.

I have just reviewed Between the Lies thanks to #Netgalley.