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In a near empty cinema early one Saturday afternoon l sat and watched the horrors of the Somme come to life.

I have always thought that The Lord of the Rings was based on the second World War. Reading it l could see the spread of Nazism across Europe; silly me. J.R.R Tolkien was in the first World War. I know he said that the books were not based on his war experiences, but, being in the horror that was the Somme, l wonder.

The film shows his early life. I didn’t know that he and brother lost both parents young and were sponsored through school. That’s what brought him to Oxford, a scholarship and it was at Oxford that he met the friends with whom he would form a fellowship.

I now see The Lord of the Rings as more than a quest, it is also a story about friendship. Of the four friends who went to war two were killed, one returned much damaged and Tolkien returned to Oxford, where he wrote about fellowship, quests and the misery of Mordor.

Nicholas Hoult does a good job in the main role of Tolkien. He is supported well by the remaining cast. I thought the misery of war was brought to life. Is it a good film? Not a classic, but good enough. I watched it mainly through the prism of the books. It is currently showing in cinemas. Go along and see it and decide for yourself.



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