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The Wrong Door by Bunty Avieson

Who was the woman in red?

What a clever novel made all the more interesting with the reading by Fleur Dean. Claire and Gwenie dominate the book. A service is being held for Gwenie’s husband Pete when Claire walks in dressed in red. Who is she and why is she at this service.

The author has taken the idea of someone walking into the wrong funeral service and played with it, displaying a talent for storytelling. The book is steeped in death and grief, but, never becomes maudlin or depressing. Life and living are central to the story.

Fleur Dean’s tone of voice reinforces the quality of writing and helps set the mood of the novel. The pace is good as is the language and structure. Listening to it as a talking book certainly made the long trips to work more enjoyable. There was a smile on my face when l finished it and thought, what a clever idea.



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