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Nice Girl by Rachael Jane Chin

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you’re all able to take a rest and maybe do some reading??

Nice Girl is the true story of Keli Lane who became pregnant 5 times, carried 3 babies to full term, adopted 2 out and one, Teagan Lane who disappeared without a trace in 1996.

This well researched book lays out the facts in an orderly, chronological order. Keli Lane is currently in jail serving an 18 year sentence for the murder of Teagan Lane. Chin has been following the case since 2005 and has written a very interesting book. That’s because this is a very interesting case.

Keli Lane was an elite water polo player( meaning she spent a lot of time in bathers). Her parents, friends and boyfriend all claim that they did not know she was pregnant for an of the pregnancies. What is known is that the 1st, and 3rd, child was adopted out and the 2nd( Teagan ) was born on Thursday September 12th. Keli and her baby left the hospital on Saturday September 14th without alerting, or telling anyone she was going. To this day she claims she then handed over Teagan to her father. No trace of Teagan, or the father, has ever been found.

Such an interesting story, and , if you would like to know more l recommend you read this book. It’s certainly a page turner.



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