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Spinning Silver

Fantasy is not a genre l normally think of when choosing something to read. It’s not a genre l generally like, but, as l’m travelling a lot lately it’s ebooks and audio books that l’m reading.

I picked Spinning Silver out of a list and l’m glad l did. It’s a good story told well.

Naomi Novik has created a world that is ruled by Tsar’s, Princes, Demons ,the Staryk and moneylenders. Miryem is the daughter of the local moneylender who lives in the village of Vysnia. It is being kept in perpetual Winter by the Staryk who come in the night. Miryem has a special skill that can turn silver into gold and it is this ability, along with her becoming the moneylender, that drives the story forward.

Novik makes good use of descriptive writing and fleshed out characters to build her world. The pace keeps moving and the story kept me engaged until the end. A good choice to read after all.

Perhaps it’s time l started reading more fantasy.



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