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A Spanish Lover

I am reviewing 2 books this week that are so completely different to each other, but, l have enjoyed both in their own way.

Joanna Trollope has also written romance novels and this too could be called a romance novel; but there is so much more. At the heart of the story is the bond between the twin sisters, Lizzie and Frances. Trollope explores this relationship with one twin having ‘everything’, a husband, children, money, grand house, while the other, although successful in her business, is wrapped in singledom and somehow seen as less for it Then she embarks on a passionate affair with a Spanish Lover.

I suppose you would call this novel female literature. It deals with sisterhood, motherhood and the world mainly from the female perspective. Trollope gives an accurate portrayal of a childless female being seen as having a wasted life because there is no partner, no children by her family, including her twin sister. The novel is 20 years old and, yet, society still judges childless males and females differently ( in my opinion )

It’s well written with a story that flows and an ending that may just surprise you.



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