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The travelling book

It was originally bought at Melbourne International Airport. Travelling to New York. It looked brand new then.

Then it travelled down to the south of America, being taken in and out of bags. Then, back to New York before flying home to Australia again; and then it was given to me.

It looked a little beat up;

the spine is very creased, but, the book is still readable.

I love J.D Robb books and had converted this person into the fold. That’s why she gave it to me, and l was very happy to take it. So, l read it and loved it like all her books.

Now when l buy a book, or are given a book by someone who doesn’t want it back, l do something different. First off, let me say that l don’t like owning books. This book was not going to stay with me. I read it, wrote a note,

and left it, with the book, at a bus stop.

I went back 2 days later and it was gone. I hope someone picked it up and is now reading it. I hope it hasn’t been thrown away because there is something in me that loves the thought of a book being read and then left for the next person, and the next and the next.

This book was bought for travelling and l’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s still travelling.



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