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The Favourite

Who would want to be a royal?? Not me.

This is an interesting film. The three female leads are excellent. Olivia Coleman is superb as Queen Ann. She delivers a performance full of pathos. Ann comes across as a sad, pathetically lonely woman. Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone play their roles so well too.

I know that all the characters are based on real people, but, don’t know if the film is 100% historically correct. Either way it tells a good story, and, for all their wealth these people were like prisoners, even if it was in a gilded cage.

Women at this time had very few rights and l thought that the two women vying for the Queen’s affection knew this. Neither of them could survive on their own as was shown by Abigail’s need for a good marriage to cement her place in court.

My friend was in two minds about the film, but, l liked it. There were a few laughs, excellent acting and l walked out thankful that l don’t have a royal life.

A film definitely worth a look.



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