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I love reading. Books, newspapers, magazines, online blogs etc; love them all. I try to broaden my reading, but, especially love mystery, crime and true crime. 

I found this book in an op shop last week and thought it looked interesting. I had never heard of the crime and was looking forward to reading all about it. Now, this is what l want to know today, do you read books to the end whether you like them or not? Do you give it a few chapters and then give up?

I gave up after 8 chapters. The story itself was interesting, but, the style of writing and set up of the novel turned me right off. The author was a motoring journalist and l think this may have been the first novel he wrote and, in my opinion, it shows. Back to the op shop for this one.

Unless l’m writing a professional review l will give a book 4/5 chapters. By then, if it hasn’t hooked me l don’t bother reading the rest. Life is too short to read books that l don’t like.

What about you, do you stick with it to the bitter end or put it aside and start something new?

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